Amazon Shipping Delays During the Holidays

Kara Mueller and Writer

The COVID-19 quarantine has drastically changed the way people live their day-to-day lives. From groceries to gifts, many people have changed their shopping habits from shopping in person at stores to shopping online from the safety of their own homes. Yet, with the holiday season rapidly approaching, big companies will be challenged to keep up with the influx of customers.

Amazon has recently announced their upcoming struggle with getting packages out before the holidays. Online shoppers this year are hoping for the best-case scenario.

“It has been rough enough shopping this year as it is,” Ford junior Gianna Neubacher said. “It is not like I can easily go down to the store, especially for non-essentials like I used to. Online really was my first choice and now I am not entirely sure what to do.”

Some students are shifting their focus from shopping from big corporations to shopping from small businesses.

“I feel like we all need to be focusing on supporting small businesses this year,” Stevenson senior Kaia Sweeder said. “Luckily, I barely shop from Amazon already. I prefer to support the people making the products.”

Sweeder especially recommends supporting artists, using websites such as Etsy to support their work directly.

“As an artist, all support is truly appreciated,” Sweeder said. “Artists need all the support they can get, even outside of the pandemic. Instead of supporting a big corporation, it is much more gratifying to know that I am helping artists I like and supporting them directly.”

Though many students are buying gifts for friends and family this year, some people are not. Most adults are struggling with how they are going about holiday shopping this year.

“We are definitely in a unique situation this year,” Mike Leo, Hazel Park Junior High School math teacher, said. “I am really not too sure how I am going to go about my shopping this year with the Amazon delay. I will most likely do most of my shopping while out for essentials. The rest can be done online. Even if there is a delay, my family is patient enough to wait for gifts.”