The Pandemic’s affect on the Job Market for High Schoolers

Ian Reynolds

Americans have been affected by COVID-19 and may overlook the effects on the job market, particularly for teens coming out of high school that could have ramifications for years to come.

“COVID has affected hiring because part of the business shut down,” Mike Shock, owner of local cleaning business Multi-Contracting Services, said. “I have not had any postings available, so I have not called back. I researched what the CDC recommends, which is always changing, and based my policies around it. [Because of COVID] I have started offering services for deep disinfection and fogging.”

Teens have had a hard time finding work or can not apply due to the new school workload and schedule.

“I was looking to work at Lifetime or LA Fitness, I knew I would not be able to fit a job into my schedule, a job would require quite a large time commitment,” Eisenhower MST senior Nick Viulet said.

With the politicization of the pandemic response, fears are mounting regarding how the economy will be affected in the long term. For the job market, this could mean that applicants are expected to have technological literacy and experience working from home, given the new demands, once thought temporary.

“My working hours and income were greatly reduced and my position was eventually terminated,” Stevenson MST senior Ian Payne said.

Now with a second wave lockdowns, these businesses are again having to close applications and reduced work hours, making it more difficult for teens to find work.

Eisenhower MST senior, Micheal Grant said “I was released from my job as a result of the virus and it has been hard to find a new one.”