Eisenhower Volleyball Wins Districts

Chloe Wolfe

Eisenhower’s volleyball team won districts and went on to play two regional games while battling COVID restrictions.

The girls took their first district victory against Stoney Creek in a nail-biting five-set match after previously losing districts to them for the past five years.  Eisenhower then went on to defeat Romeo in a four-set match and won their final district game against Rochester Adams in a close five-set match.

“I think we all felt such a huge sense of accomplishment,” coach Caitlyn LaPratt said.  “Our first hurdle was round one, which was getting past Stoney Creek.  This became a five-set thriller and I think this win helped set the tone for the remainder of our district matches.  We then would win districts in another close five-set match.  All of us were very excited to hang tough and win.”

Pride was felt by coaches and players.

“Winning was an amazing feeling,” senior Sydney Palazzolo said.  “No one on our team had ever won districts so we were all trying super hard to come out with the win.”

Like other fall sport athletes, the Eisenhower volleyball players encountered a few extra difficulties this year due to COVID-19.

“We had to wear masks at all times, including when we played, and we were not allowed to have many team dinners,” senior Madelyn Mets said.  “It was frustrating, but I was okay with it because it kept everyone safe and allowed us to play the whole season.”

In addition to masks being worn by all who attended, players were only given a certain amount of tickets for friends and family at every game.

“I did not really like having a limited number of tickets,” junior Nina Tabaka said.  “I wish more friends and family could have come to watch.  There is a lot more excitement when there are a lot of fans cheering us on.”

Though the team encountered quite a few obstacles this year, they still found ways to make their season fun.

“My favorite part of the season was definitely hanging out and laughing with all my teammates,” senior Angelena Tripi said.   “We were able to have a few team dinners.  Practice was super fun, too.”

Because of their district win, the volleyball team at Eisenhower has high expectations for next year.

“For the next season, I hope we underclassman and soon to be upperclassman, can work hard enough to make it to districts again and prove we can do it, too,” junior Santa Kalaj said.  “I just want to make sure we have fun while working hard at the same time since it will be our last year of IKE volleyball.”