COVID Christmas Shopping

Maggie Verbeeren

In the new COVID era, people are frantic upon the decision of shopping in person for Christmas or just buying gifts online.

Those leary of crowds decided to take the easier route, as well as safer, by shopping online.

“I am going to order the majority of my gifts online,” Stevenson junior Halley Capizzo said. “I like to order gifts in advance to beat the rush.”

Hitting the stores does not phase everyone.

“I like to shop in person,” Utica junior Alexis Alore said. “I like to see what is in stock and possibly find gifts that I would not have known about if I did not go in.”

When it comes to stores, larger ones are preferred.

“I prefer to shop in larger stores,” Ford sophomore Kaitlyn Cadrette said. “There is more space to walk around, which allows for social distancing and a lower chance of getting COVID.”

Stores with everything are popular stops.

“I like shopping at Target and Walmart,” Stevenson junior Elijah Ott said. “These stores have the best deals, and I can always find what I am looking for, especially when shopping for gifts.”

Supporting small businesses during the pandemic is one way to help local vendors.

“I would love to support a few small businesses during this time,” Site One Landscape Jillian Cook said. “I love to give back to the community and possibly raise the income for those who are currently struggling.”

Overall, those who are shopping are keeping the Christmas spirit in mind.

“With all that’s going on in the world, I am not going to let anything ruin my shopping, as well as my mood,” Cook said. “I am going to keep a smile on my face, get my shopping done and spend lots of quality time with family while opening presents.”