Neglect, Mistreatment, and Abuse of Animals During the Pandemic

Matthew Kalinin

Pet abuse is an unthinkable act. During the Covid-19 pandemic where people are spending a lot of time inside, pets should not be forgotten.

“[Basic needs are] a water supply, bedding if they need it, healthy food specific to your individual pet, and a cage or pen are the basic needs of a pet,” Stevenson sophomore Savanna Gifford said.

The ways animals are neglected or abandoned can happen when people lose their jobs or homes, leading pets to not be taken care of.

“If it is a matter of not being able to feed a dog or cat, I suggest contacting local shelters,” Michigan Animal Rescue League volunteer Jessica Tyrrell said. “Some shelters can help provide food for free or at a discount based on income.”

Animal abuse can tug at the heartstrings.

“Animals are constantly being abused and we do not even know it,” Davis freshman Sophia Hathon said. “My dog named Rachel was actually rescued from an abuser.“

Besides adopting or fostering a neglected animal, someone can spread awareness on the internet.

“I saw a video of a dog that was left out on an apartment porch and was adopted,” CSI senior Austin Wolff said after he had seen the video on the app Tik Tok.

If anyone sees an animal is being abused, report it to a trustworthy adult or to report it to the police. The abused animal can then be transported to a care facility where another family can take care of it either through fostering or adopting the animal.

If someone is not able to care for their animal anymore or unable to give it to a family member temporarily, they might be able to surrender their animal to a rescue group such as the Humane Society of Macomb at (586)731-9210.