Christmas Traditions

Samantha Messina

Not letting a pandemic ruin the spirit, students at Utica Community Schools are getting ready for their favorite Christmas traditions during the holiday break.

“I am excited to go to my aunt’s house for Christmas Eve,” Eisenhower senior Maddison Rouse said. “My uncle always dresses up as Santa Claus and passes out little gifts. This is my favorite tradition because we do it every year and I get to spend time with my family.”

The excitement to start preparing for Christmas helps the holiday mood.

“My favorite Christmas tradition is putting up the decorations,” Stevenson senior Megan Geyer said. “They make everything look so happy and cheerful even if you do not really feel that way in the moment.”

Other students enjoy all the activities that come with the holiday season.

“My favorite Christmas tradition would have to be watching Christmas movies, specifically Home Alone,” Utica junior Lily Harris said. “It is my favorite because I get to spend time with my family watching it and it is a great way to get into the holiday spirit.”

Teachers are also ready to get in the holiday spirit this Christmas.

“My favorite Christmas tradition is going to Midnight Mass on Christmas Eve,” Eisenhower analytical chemistry teacher Linda Craun said. “I love the choir, the dim lights and the anticipation of new life.”

While everyone is excited for many different things this Christmas, seeing loved ones is at the top of the list.

“My favorite Christmas tradition is sitting around the table with my family and spending time with them,” Utica junior Sydney Bely said. “It is the only time my whole family gets together, so it is really nice to gather around the table together to eat, talk and just spend time with each other.”