Virtual or Face-to-Face

Vanessa Saavedra-Rodriguez

Assuming second semester returns to in school teaching, students have an option of staying virtual or switching to face-to-face learning this upcoming January.

Students in the Virtual Academy must decide to stay remote or take the option to come back face to face when the district reopens.

“Face-to-face learning helps me because I focus better on a school/classroom environment,” Utica sophomore Skylar Barrons said. “There are many distractions at home that I cannot get around sometimes. As of right now, I do not feel comfortable coming back face to face. Cases are still rising, and with all the kids that will be going back to school, I would not go back to school right now. Virtual school has helped me improve my tech skills and figuring things out on the computer.”

There are teens looking forward to coming back to school.

“I am coming back in January,” Stevenson junior Sarah Tappo said. “Going back to school will motivate me more than virtual. Face-to-face learning helps me understand better than through a computer screen.”

This affects MSI/CSI students as well.

“I will most likely not be returning in January since I go to CSI,” Eisenhower senior Abby Oleski said. “We need to limit the amount of contact between students and the different schools. If I could come back, it would be because of the routine/environment. Sometimes it feels like I am trying to get the work done rather than learning the material. I think more students should not be coming back. While face–to–face learning may have benefits, it is safer to stay at home than risk anything for more people.”

Teachers must adjust to what the district has decided.

“I do not feel that the current hybrid plan offers enough benefits to the students to outweigh the potential for COVID exposure to both students and staff,” Utica French teacher Susan Bernardi said. “If students report back face-to-face, I will ensure that the safety protocols that UCS has set are adhered to in my classroom. Students will be spaced apart, always wear a mask, wipe their desk down upon entering and leaving the classroom, use hand sanitizer regularly and avoid sharing papers and supplies.”