Thanksgiving Celebrations

Dareen Elias

On Thanksgiving Day, people love celebrating by spending time enjoying their favorite foods with their loved ones who they do not get to see too often. There are many different types of meals each family makes based on their preferences and everyone has their own traditions on celebrating holidays.

“My family celebrates Thanksgiving by eating some authentic food,” Henry Ford sophomore Evan Daao said. “Us Chaldeans have this big meal we make just for the holidays that I look forward to every year.”

Thanksgiving food is what the holiday is known for because of the big feasts.

“My family makes a large dinner with turkey, ham, potatoes, you name it,” Eisenhower and MST senior Amanda Koziol said. “We usually get a large honey-baked ham, green beans, potatoes, pie and fruit.”

Because of the recent surge in the second wave of the Coronavirus, some favorite dishes may not make it on the table because some family and friends cannot attend.

“This year, I can’t eat one of my favorite salads that my cousin makes for Thanksgiving [because she can’t make it],” Stevenson sophomore Jisika Al-Saedi said. “It is just a regular Mediterranean salad consisting of lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, seasonings, lemon juice and toasted pita bread, called Fattoush.”

Families usually have a tradition they do before having the big Thanksgiving feast.

“We eat two meals each with traditional food; turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, cranberry sauce,” Stevenson biology teacher Joseph Bungart said. “We do always say what we are thankful for before we eat.”