A Little Light During Dark Times

Kara Mueller

Everyone has dealt with the boredom caused by the COVID-19 quarantine differently. Teens sleep their days away while others spend every waking second refreshing the news browser on their phone. Yet, a common distraction during lockdown has been picking up a new hobby.

Hobbies can bring joy and accomplishment to those who pick them up. There can be a hobby for everyone. Utica senior Kaity Gailey dug into her bucket list and picked up knitting.

“Knitting is very calming,” Gailey said. “I can really get lost in what I am making. It is really nice to just sit down for a few hours at a time to make something beautiful. Before quarantine, it was hard to find that time.”

Eisenhower senior Noelle Yasso invested her time into video games.

“I have always loved video games,” Yasso said. “I love being transported into another world, even just for a little while.”

Yasso has a wide range of games she likes, from strategy games like Puyo Puyo Tetris to high action games like Splatoon.

“The characters in a game really help me get sold on it,” Yasso said. “Without good characters, a game can seem very bland. Between everything going on in my life, it felt like I did not have much time to really enjoy a game until quarantine.”

Teachers have had time for new projects as well.

“I actually got into yoga,” Megan Berry, CSI art instructor, said. “At first, it was so my back would stop hurting but it is actually really relaxing. It definitely helped my mental health, especially those first few weeks we were quarantined. I made my own little yoga room in my basement. I like to do it between classes, so my back does not hurt as much. I also like to do it an hour before bed, it really helps me feel calmer.”