Stevenson Virtual Competition 

Maggie Verbeeren  , Staffer

In the new Covid era, the Stevenson dance team has the Virtual North Region Competition all online in December.


The competition will consist of 25 different competing teams. The girls will videotape their performance in the gym and send it in the weekend before it is due.

“Choreography takes about a month to learn and another month to get it performance ready,” Stevenson dance coach Jennele Dubey said. “Dancers learn the choreography and begin perfecting it with a lot of practices, drilling each motion and technical skill. I try to select music that I know the girls will connect with and perform well to. The only difficult part is making sure that the performance matches the music and is exactly how I envisioned it.”

Even though in-person competition is preferred, the dancers have portrayed a positive outlook on the competition season.

“I would rather have an in-person competition because I miss being around other dancers and seeing the faces of the audience and judges,” junior Jasmine Nolan said. “My goal is to do my best, not have any mistakes or feel like I did not do as well as I could.”

Many girls also said that they would go to an in-person competition, even if they had to wear a mask the whole time.

“I would go because we already have to wear a mask the whole day,” sophomore Peyton Ng said. “I like to feel the thrill and rush of adrenaline as soon as I go on the stage.”

The girls take on an individual role when it comes to specific skills and what each person can contribute to the team.

“Some girls are put into different parts to enhance their skills and strengths,” junior Kayla Zelda said. “I personally would like to perfect my technique and keep a clear head when it comes to negative thoughts.”

Seniors are not happy this is how some of their last competitions on this team are going to be held.

“It is my senior year, and I would love to have the opportunity to compete live just one more time,” senior Melina Colón said. “I would like to have that feeling of adrenaline instead of just sending in a video to compete.”

Being at a live competition can help set the competitive mood. While seniors are sad they will no longer get a chance to perform live, they also feel bad for those who are first-year members.

“I would rather compete in person because the experience feels a lot more personal, and it is easier to get into a certain mood, as well as mindset, when you can see who you are competing against,” senior Maya Meek said. “We also have a lot of first-year members who have not been to a real competition yet, so we want to make sure that they are confident with where they are at when it comes time to perform.”

The dance team will try to go prepared.

“We always manage to do our best no matter what circumstances we are given,” Meek  said. “We will get through this together as a team.”