Embracing Your Inner Panda

Turning Red is a movie about finding who you are and what you want to be

Megan Griffin, Junior Writer

Turning Red is all about finding who you are and what you want from life. By releasing your inner panda you become your true self

Turning Red is about Mei, a 13 year old girl who honors her family. She does everything to make her parents proud of her. Her family has a secret that they have to hide from the world. Mei wakes up one morning to find herself a big red… panda? With love her friends and family both set out to help her in different ways. She’s torn between her family and her friends.

I think that Turning Red is a great movie. Some parts of it I would say are a bit cringey, but what makes this movie so good is its style, story, and overall character. The movie shows how one thing or change can help you find yourself. It shows how friendships and family affect one’s character. The panda symbolizes puberty and coming of age. Though it’s a good movie, I wouldn’t watch this with young children, but I think it’s great for pre-teens and teens cause it’s relatable to them.

The songs and of the movie are written by Billie Ellish and her brother FINNEAS. It’s quite a surprise but the movie takes place in 2002, so they tried to make it sound like that part of time. The songs are pretty good. Turning Red‘ is also the first Pixar movie that women are in charge of. The movie was based off of the director Domee Shi’s childhood and her strong relationship with her family. She wanted to show how hard it can be to find yourself when you’re focused on everything else. She also wanted to show how weird girls can actually be and what most 13 year old girls go through.

The style of the movie pulls you in. Not only does it draw your eye, because it’s pleasing to look at. The animation is very good and easy to watch. The story pulls you in and you feel yourself in it. It’s also very relatable to people who are trying to find themselves and have strong family ties like Mei does.

The beginning of the movie is very different. It introduces Mei and her friends at school. Her friends and her are a bit boy crazy so it’s weird if you were to watch this film with a guy or young child. There are scenes where they daydream over boys and some other cringey parts too. The movie seems to be aimed at teens and pre-teens. Even though it has a PG label, I don’t think it’s good for young children to watch.

Turning Red has a lot to offer though. It really shows how the people or things in your life can affect you and make you into who you are. It shows how character can change for the better. It’s very heartwarming to watch as Mei becomes her true self.

I would give this a 4 out of 5 stars. You can go watch it on Disney+ now. The making of Turning Red is also available to watch on Disney+. I recommend this movie for anyone who is trying to grow as a person. It puts out a good message of change and I think that’s something we all need to embrace. Once you embrace your inner panda, nothing can stop you.