All You Need Is Shein

Shein is an online website for clothing, shoes, stationery etc. and they are trustworthy and have reasonable pricing

Saja Usman, Junior Writer

People always try to find an online clothing website where they could trust the site, where they are true to what they say and sell. Well Shein is the perfect website!

Shein is an online website where you can find endless amounts of stuff like clothing, beauty, jewelry etc. Shein has clothes for men, children, and plus size/curvy women. You can also buy things for your home, pets, electronics, and stationery. The affordable price of the items makes people buy more. Shein got popular from the short form video app, TikTok where people would buy clothes and try them on for a haul and rate the clothes. 

I actually really like this online website. My mom, siblings and I have ordered countless items which include dresses, shoes, purses, phone cases and jewelry. Every item came in good quality. They are worth buying if you do not want to spend a lot of money on clothes or other items.

Shein has many special features you can buy gift cards ranging from 25-1500 dollars and there is no limit on how many you can buy. Another feature Shein holds is a free trial center where they have some clothing for 0 dollars. You choose the clothing item you want, then you choose your size and click submit, then you are enrolled to win the item but there will be only one winner. Another feature is Shein gives you a place on their app where you can give them suggestions to make their app better so people like it more. Shein always has coupons to use before you pay for your order, they even let you know when they will expire and what coupons you can use. Shein also gives you certain points for every order you place. The points convert into money.

Shein has men’s clothing items including tops, bottoms, activewear and shoes/accessories. Shein has kids clothes including babies from 0-24 months. They also include boys/girls from 7-14 years old and toddler boys/girls from 1-6 years old.

The only thing that I would say is con about Shein is that delivery time. If you  pay for express shipping, whatever you ordered should come in 2-3 weeks. But if you did not pay for shipping then your order will take like a month or more. Sometimes the quality is bad and the item is not what you expect at all.

Shein is an online website where you can buy women, men, babies/children, curvy/plus size women clothes and so much more. This website is trustworthy and anything you buy will come in good quality. Shein jewelry is not everyday wear; it is like you can occasionally wear it. The jewelry will either change color or it will stain your skin a green color.

If you are trying to save some money but still want to buy clothes  you can buy it for a reasonable price. I would 10/10 recommend shopping at Shein.