‘Future Nostalgia’ Fun

Dua Lipa starts off 2022 with a bang as she puts on a stunning performance at the Little Caesars Arena in Detroit on her ‘Future Nostalgia’ Tour

Sonia Hadar, Junior Writer

“Detroit, make some noise!”

The crowd went wild as Dua Lipa, singer and songwriter, broke into dance while singing her infamous song, Levitating.

Starting off 2022 on a positive note, Dua Lipa launched her ‘Future Nostalgia’ Tour. She sang crowd favorites like, “Levitating, “Don’t Start Now,” and “New Rules.” Dua’s performance was stunning, from the singing, the dancing, and the outfits.

Going to the concert was one of the best days of my life as I got to sing along to some of my favorite songs with my best friend. Dua’s energy and stage presence lit up the crowd and got everyone cheering, making for a spectacular atmosphere. She sang her new album, along with a couple of her older, popular songs, which got the Dua fans especially excited.

Since the concert was held at Little Caesars Arena, I was able to purchase and enjoy my favorite pizza, Little Caesars pizza, during the concert. Before and after the concert, the merch stand was open, so my friend and I bought matching shirts, although they were very expensive. As the concert began, the openers, pop singers Lolo Zouai and Caroline Polacheck, sang, and were surprisingly good for being smaller, new artists.

It was evident that the production of this concert was amazing due to the clear organization and carefully coordinated outfits. Dua Lipa wore multiple eye-catching, bright, and sparkly looks from designers such as Versace, Mugler, and Puma. Even the dancers’ outfits were amazing and matched with Dua’s, pleasing the eye.

Personally, I would not recommend bringing children along to the concert. Like many concerts, alcohol and smoking is allowed for people that are of age, so there was a bunch of that in the crowds. I feel that this type of environment is not ideal for children, so leaving them at home or choosing a far-away seat would be best.

Overall, this concert was a blast and I am so thankful for being able to go. Taking a friend or two and going to a Dua Lipa concert will definitely make for a fun time. From the crowd’s energy, to the actual performance, the concert was the best concert I have ever been to.

As a person who had the experience of going to a Dua Lipa concert, I would give this concert a 9/10. I think the show was spectacular and Dua Lipa really demonstrated her love for performing. I just think that the prices of the food and water were definitely too much, however that is the venue’s fault and not the performer’s. Dua Lipa is currently finishing up her Future Nostalgia Tour, but getting tickets to her next tour is highly recommended. I would recommend purchasing tickets through websites/apps like Ticketmaster and SeatGeek.