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The Apple iPhone 13 is the best to come

Kira Robinson, Junior Writer

Nothing is worse than having to charge your phone consistently throughout the day! Especially when you’re always on the go. I think we can all agree that having a long battery life is a must for a new phone.

Looking at the new Apple iPhone 13 you may think that the only thing that has changed since last year’s model is the position of the back camera, but trust me there are far more substantial upgrades than that. This model has introduced a brighter display, longer battery life, and a stronger camera software. Apple has once again given us a variety of colors to choose from including green, midnight, red, blue, starlight, and pink. The iPhone 13 also includes the world’s fastest smartphone chip.

This phone has many similar features to iPhones that I have had in the past. I cannot say that this is my favorite model because I find it small and awkward to hold. I upgraded to this phone from an iPhone 11 and I honestly prefer my old phone. The iPhone 13 is skinny and does not have a lot of weight. The battery life is exceptional compared to previous models. I typically charge my phone every night before bed, and the battery lasts all day. I use my phone all day long, and by the end of the day my phone is somewhere around 30 percent. When I charged my phone for the first time, I thought something was wrong with the phone because I have never experienced a phone charging so fast. Also, the camera earns this phone some points over other phones because the quality is like no other. There are several different camera functions and filters to play around with. Any picture you take or video you film will turn out with amazing quality.

The iPhone 13 includes several special features. For example, the front facing face id notch is now smaller and takes up less space. The face id system is now more consistent and has less technical issues. This phone is also water and dust resistant, able to hold up to submersion in 6 meters of water for up to 30 minutes. Some more special features include the brighter display, the new back camera layout, and the outstanding battery life.

The Apple iPhone 13 was ranked #1 in good camera, #4 in long battery life, #10 in gaming, #6 in selfies, and #2 in waterproof, according to This iPhone has a perfect camera, is fast charging, and waterproof. If you are looking for a phone that shoots amazing photos and videos, I think that this is the phone for you.

Of course, the iPhone 13 has some flaws. Sometimes the picture quality comes out terrible. For the best results while taking pictures it is a good idea to use natural light. If you’re using the phone without a case it feels very fragile and can easily slip out of your hands. I suggest having a glass screen protector and a quality phone case. In my opinion, the only difference between the iPhone 13 and other iPhones that I’ve had in the past is that the camera and design of the phone are different.  Another con of the iPhone 13 is that a charging block is not provided when you first purchase the phone. The only items included in the box are a c-style charger and the phone, so if you do not have this type of charging block you must purchase one.

In short, the new Apple iPhone 13 includes amazing features. This phone has a long battery life, is fast charging, has a brighter display, and amazing camera quality. This iPhone is also water resistant in up to 6 meters of water for 30 minutes. This iPhone has really impressed me.

Overall, I give the iPhone 13 a 9/10 stars. I would recommend this phone to my family and friends because it is the best iPhone for the money. If you like a bigger or heavier phone I recommend purchasing the iPhone 13 pro because the 13 is itty bitty. I would also recommend having a nice protective phone case and glass screen protector on the phone because it is very easy to drop and shatter.