Gingerbread vs. Pumpkin Spice

Gingerbread flavored and scented items are far superior than pumpkin spice

Isabella Vasquez, Junior Writer

Nothing is worse than wanting gingerbread flavored and scented items when all that is sold is pumpkin spice! Although pumpkin spice is good, it is overhyped. Gingerbread flavored and scented items are far superior and underrated.

During late November and throughout December, the main holiday flavors and scents are pumpkin spice and gingerbread. Pumpkin spice is overrated and overdone. Gingerbread is more unique, has more flavor to it, and is the better option during the fall and Christmas season.

In a survey I conducted that consisted of 102 people, 64% of people preferred gingerbread in general over pumpkin spice. 

One reason gingerbread is the most popular option is due to the fact that it can be used to make the same foods and drinks as popularly made with pumpkin spice. In fact, more can be done with it around the holidays by making a traditional gingerbread house. 

According to Milagro Cruz, “Gingerbread, which is typically flavored with ginger, honey, or molasses, and can be used in a range of things… The best part — for the holidays you can make a gingerbread house. Have you ever heard of a pumpkin spice house?”

Simply told, pumpkin spice gets a lot of hype from companies like Starbucks who only sell pumpkin spice lattes but don’t have any gingerbread or gingerbread spiced drinks. This gives the impression that pumpkin spice is better than gingerbread. In reality, pumpkin spice is unbelievably basic and it is disappointing to all the gingerbread loving fans to not see a drink or items in that flavor. 

According to Southernshelle, “The pumpkin spice craze is slightly out of control, because Gingerbread is clearly the superior fall/winter flavor option. Obviously. It has the aromatic trifecta of ginger, cloves and cinnamon.”

Overall, as the leaves start to change colors, so do the flavor options for the fall and winter season. With a better aroma and taste, to the majority of people, gingerbread is the superior option. Companies need to stop overhyping pumpkin spice, and start selling more gingerbread items.