Vagrant Veterans

Veterans are having to face the world on their own after organizations fail to provide support

Mackenzie Little, Junior Writer

Snow cold as ice! Homeless people trying to get shelter with people watching from afar not doing anything to help. 

Many Veterans are coming home to Detroit without a place to stay. This is mainly caused by the U.S Department of Veterans Affairs and red tape leaving soldiers without the service they need, keeping many veterans from having a place for their kids and family to visit them.

“I don’t think it’s right that veterans are becoming homeless because they risk their life for this country, so I think that they should be more taken care of,” sophomore Vansee Alwais said.

Many veterans are becoming homeless because of the government not giving them homes or money to be able to live in society. People have thought that Veterans were getting the support and funding they need but, many of them have been left broke and have been living on the streets. Since this is happening it has gotten people to think about different ideas that could help homeless veterans get back on their feet.

“The things I think we could do to help these homeless veterans is building a shelter, or households on a free market for them. Also, I think we could donate money to the veterans so they have something to get necessities” senior Autumn Dexxer said.

Different organizations build shelters and have people donate food and other necessities. One of the organizations that have made a good impact on helping these veterans is Veterans Community Resource and Referral Center. They provide healthcare, housing, employment, education, etc. Many people think that the U.S Department of Affairs should give the money and service to the veterans honoring them for the work they have done for this country. 

“I think that the U.S Department Of Affairs should help give money or shelter to these homeless veterans because they were the one who employed them and had them risk their lives so they can fight for this country then, they should give them something in return” sophomore Sivinia Golden said.

Homeless people are trying to get shelter with people watching from afar not doing anything to help. Veterans should get what they are owed and many students and people think that what these corporations are doing is not helping the situation of veterans living on the streets. More actions have to be taken and people are thankful for organizations that are dedicated to helping these veterans get what they need to function in society after sacrificing so much for their country.