Delayed Shipping, Truck Drivers Dipping

Ports shipments are delayed due to truck drivers leaving the industry

Kira Robinson, Junior Writer

Ships scattered along the ports of Los Angeles and Long beach in California are waiting eagerly to unload the goods they are shipping. 

Many individuals in America are unwilling to work. This is affecting the whole economy as we are down 80,000 truck drivers. Ports in California are crowded with cargo ships waiting to unload their cargo. This back up has been occurring since the start of the pandemic in 2020 and is happening due to a shortage of workers. The shipping delay affects the whole country. In Michigan specifically, shoppers have seen empty shelves and go to items that are out of stock. 

“For the past few months our deliveries have been fluctuating,” BP gas station employee Kristina Robinson said, “We currently have all of the items we normally sell in stock, but that is not always the case. In the past items have been out of stock for weeks at a time with no information from our suppliers regarding the status of the shipments. On occasion suppliers don’t even show up on scheduled dates. Customers show frustration when desired products are not on the shelves and often go elsewhere.”

According to CNN 10, Half a million shipping containers filled with goods await offloading at the port of Los Angeles and Long Beach. Once they are offloaded a shortage of truck drivers prevents the goods from moving out of ports. 

“The shipping delays are bad for business and put my job security at risk because of the loss of customers,” Robinson said, “The shortages caused my bosses to sell one of their stores, and unfortunately not all of my coworkers were able to transfer to the other store.” 

Store shelves are partly empty, deliveries are delayed, and prices are rising. Businesses have seen declines in profit caused by shipment delays, labor, and the need to raise their prices. No one knows when the supply chain will return to normal, but the economy is paying the price. 

“Many people that I know personally are getting out of the industry due to government regulations” truck driver Walter Hughes said, “Our drive time and wages have decreased and our sleep time has increased. I switched to another company because the old company I worked for did not accept these regulations. Many of my coworkers left the industry because of opportunities for better wages and benefits. I believe that the government has too much of a say in the situation.”

The supply chain crisis in the United States is affecting the whole economy. The problem stems from the COVID pandemic. Shipping and deliveries are being delayed, shelves are empty, businesses are closing, and people are not working.