HO HO HOpeful For Stocked Shelves

Shoppers worry that presents won’t be in stock and under the Christmas tree in time

Isabella Vasquez, Junior Writer

Time is ticking and the countdown to Christmas is getting shorter. More people are going to the stores to buy presents. Shelves are more bare and the slow supply chain makes restocking shelves more time consuming. 

This Christmas season, due to COVID-19, the supply chain has many weak links that are causing many supply shortages and delays for restocking globally. In order to make sure presents arrive on time, holiday shopping needs to be done earlier to ensure there is enough time to look in store for it, or to order it online. Once it is out of stock, there may not be enough time to get it by Christmas. 

“I have noticed some shortages at the stores, and when I order things, they take longer to arrive,” Eisenhower junior Alberto Vasquez said.

The supply chain is slow due to the ports being backed up a couple of weeks worth. There is a record number of sitting ships at the ports in California waiting to be unloaded. The lack of workers at stores to restock the items that do come in is also contributing to the reason Christmas shopping early this year is required.

“I shop very late. Normally like two weeks before Christmas. I’ll probably still shop around the same time this year,” Ford senior Maria Ivezaj said.

With all the shortages and delays that have been present in the community, Christmas shopping early is a must. According to Joan Verdon, since 90% of toys are not made in the U.S., shipping on time in this current state is a nightmare. Even the 10% of the toys that are made in the U.S. will have a hard time reaching customers in time.

“I usually do my Christmas shopping at the end of November, but because of the shortages, I will do them in a week or two,” Utica senior Eva Troyanovich said. 

As Christmas approaches, the time to get the exact presents that are wanted decreases. Considering all the challenges that are put in place due to the slow supply chain this year, in order to get items on Christmas lists, shopping earlier than normal is required. Waiting too long won’t guarantee a certain present under the Christmas tree.