My Eyes Are Up Here!

No matter if you are 8 or 16, students’ bodies are sexualized by the school dress code and labeled as a distraction

Grace Zelenak, Junior Writer

The school dress code sexualizes articles of clothing and the bodies of underage students on the daily. Students who identify as or socialize as female should not be punished for the distraction on masculine students. It is not the female students fault that other people are viewing their body inappropriately. 

The public-school dress code singles out feminine features and encourages male students and faculty to sexualize female bodies. One day at Davis Junior High, a girl was just outside the school, before even walking in she got dress coded for having rips in her jeans about the knee, a teacher would not even let her walk into the school before she got a change of clothes. Right in front of her was a male student wearing a pair of shorts that were just as short as where the rips in her jeans were and he did not get dress coded. 

Why do people who identify as female or are socialized as female get punished for clothing items? It is not the teenage female students fault that other people are looking at her body and sexualizing it, it is society’s fault for labeling females bodies as a distraction. Females should not be penalized for how they are viewed, and they should get a fair chance as the other students. Another day at Davis a girl was in the halls walking to her next class, the vice principal stopped her because her shirt was riding up in the back and you could see a small fraction of her skin. She got dress-coded and was late to class because she had to change. Due to the dress code, female students or students who identify as female do not have equal access to education as their masculine students because when they get dress-coded, they end up being late for class, miss class, or even sent home in some circumstances. 

 The dress code instructs male students from an early age that if a female is wearing a specific outfit it is okay to sexualize them, when in reality what a person wears should not classify as sexual or nonsexual. 

This issue needs to be called out. As an 8 year old, you should not worry about the clothes you are wearing, as a 16 year old, you should not have to worry if your body is going to be sexualized at a place you consider safe like school. 

Society needs to be taught how to think differently, students who identify or are socialized as female should not have to change the way they dress for others to be able to get through a school day.