Dress to Impress

Celebrities at The Met Gala were dressed to impress as they showcased the most exclusive designer fashion looks, inspiring viewers at home.

Sonia Hadar, Junior Writer

Arriving with unique, designer fashion, celebrities walk into the Met Gala one by one as they are photographed by paparazzi and interviewed about their bold fashion choices while people watch at home from their screens with fascination.

People of all ages ranging from adults to teenagers watched the Met Gala on Monday, Sept. 13. Traditionally, it is one of the most exclusive events of the year, causing people to wonder who will show up and how they will be dressed. Celebrities attending have the chance to make bold, unforgettable fashion choices which influence and inspire viewers at home. This inspiration can be channeled into dressing up for events like Homecoming.

The Met Gala is live-streamed, as well as posted all over social media including, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, and much more. People are able to stay updated on their favorite celebrities through paparazzi pictures, videos, and stories. 

“I did not watch the Met Gala live, but I actually just saw the looks on social media apps such as Instagram and Twitter,” Henry Ford High School senior Edie Pilarski said.

Others decided to watch the Met Gala live to get exclusive interview content from the Vogue Twitter account. This livestream amassed about 15 million viewers this year. 

“I saw the looks through the met gala live stream on twitter and social media posts,” Henry Ford II High School senior Camilla Bartolone said.

Whether it is scrolling through posts on social media or watching The Met Gala live, students, and even fashion designers gain inspiration from the glamorous fashion choices made by celebrities. Celebrities at the Met Gala set trends, often defying the fashion norms. These one-of-a-kind looks can not only inspire people to dress a certain way, but also to do their hair or makeup resembling one of their favorite looks. The Met Gala’s influence on fashion and style could be reciprocated in the style at Homecoming dances..

“I predict people will wear sparkly dresses or dresses with some sort or sparkly element, like bedazzled straps or sparkly shoes at Homecoming” Henry Ford High School senior Maria Ivezaj said. 

Sparkly dresses were very popular among females this year at The Met Gala, as they can be seen worn by model Kendall Jenner, influencer Emma Chamberlain, gymnast Simone Biles, and many more. 

As for males, many celebrities took the typical plain black or grey suit approach at The Met Gala, as many boys at Homecoming have also been doing. However, there are particular looks where men have branched out at the Met, which can be portrayed through rapper Lil Nas X’s gold outfit, comedian Pete Davidson’s choice to wear a skirt, or rapper A$AP Rocky’s colorful look. 

“I am wearing a grey suit with a Tommy Hilfiger tie because I like a more traditional and classic look” Henry Ford High School senior Dominick Costakes said. 

As Homecoming dances occur, fashion trends will be reciprocated, whether they are inspired by The Met Gala or people’s favorite celebrities, or social media.