Vaccine Mandate

New rules pressure the nation to receive a vaccination

Kira Robinson, Junior Writer

While President Joe Biden is making efforts to control the coronavirus, Americans have mixed reactions about the new vaccination mandate. On both sides of the debate American citizens  feel passionately about their opinion to either support or oppose the mandate.

According to Biden’s new COVID-19 vaccine mandate, United States workers are required to provide proof of vaccination or submit to weekly COVID testing if their employer has 100 or more employees. The Biden administration introduced new rules in September in efforts to strengthen safety requirements. These new rules will take place in the months ahead. Vaccine mandates are not new in the United States, schools throughout the country require vaccinations before children start attending school. 

“I personally know many individuals and families who are resisting vaccination,” travel nurse Tyrice Kirkland said. “As a nurse I can strongly advise these people to protect themselves and their families because I believe in science, but I do not by any means believe in the mandate. People should have a choice of what they put into their bodies whether it be for religious or ethical beliefs. Medical choices should also be private and confidential. Some of my coworkers are saying that they would rather leave their job than receive a vaccination because they believe the choice should be optional.”

Employers are worried the vaccination mandate will push even more workers out the door. Many companies are already struggling to fill jobs and this new mandate is predicted to worsen the problem.

“I have received the vaccination, and I’m still scared to not wear a mask in public,” part-time Chrysler employee Kylee Robinson said. “I think the mandate will push the economy in the right direction. There are well over 100 employees at my plant and we have not yet heard anything about providing proof of vaccination or weekly COVID testing. I imagine that if workers are required to receive a vaccination or do a COVID test every week Chrysler will lose many of its employees. Since the start of the pandemic we have been required to answer the COVID questions before we enter the building. Hopefully when these rules are put into effect everyone will comply and continue to work. I hope that one day soon everything will be back to normal and people will stop getting sick.”

The majority of people who are refusing vaccination say they are not worried about getting sick from COVID-19 and are convinced that the vaccinations don’t work. Those with no plans to receive a vaccination express their distrust in companies making vaccines and their effectiveness.

“I work as a pharmacy technician and my customers often discuss their opinions on the vaccine,” Walgreens pharmacy technician Jaden Hughes said. “You would be surprised how many people are refusing vaccination because the long term effects are still unknown. Everyone has a slightly different reason for opposing the vaccination, and I feel like everyone should have a choice in the matter. I’m sure that the majority of the unvaccinated people will not support this new mandate.”

The Biden administration is beginning to make aggressive efforts to control the spread of COVID-19 in the United States. These efforts are being made so our economy can go back to how it was before the pandemic. Everyone has different opinions and feelings on the mandate, but rules are rules. Americans seeking more information and updates about the vaccination mandate can check credible sources including the news, the CDC website, the White House website, and more.