Fantasy Football

Students craft their own fantasy football teams in hopes of gaining the most amount of points this season

Isabella Vasquez, Junior Writer

Touchdown! From Thursday to Monday notifications came rolling in on participants phones letting them know their players acquired more points.  

Students and people in the community participate in a Fantasy Football league to compete with friends and family. As it is still the early weeks of Fantasy Football, league placements on the Fantasy Football app are likely to switch up. Points are added up based on how well participant’s players performed in the real life game. 

“My team did a lot better [the second week],” Eisenhower senior Leo Delfine said. “Last week, I got 154.97 points, and this week I got 172.35 points.” 

Even one switch between players from a bench to being a starter can make a significant difference in total points obtained. It could be the difference between winning or losing the current week’s game. 

 “My team did not do as good as they did last [week], but I was still able to win my game,” Eisenhower junior Alberto Vasquez said. “I wish I put in Mike Evans because I could have got more points. I will be putting him in week three.” 

Depending on how experienced a participant is at coaching their team and knowing who to start and who to bench, there is still a level of uncertainty. Anything can happen in the game that can affect one’s league placement at the end of the week when all the games are over. 

 “My team [league placement] went up,” Utica junior Warren Mosley said. “I didn’t expect Kyler Murray to get so many points. His projected points were set at 27.71, but he got 40.95.” 

If winning is a participant’s goal, research is needed to know what players one should start and bench for the week. In addition, knowing the opponents team’s statistics will help you build a better lineup to ensure they make it to the playoffs in their league.

Overall, it is only the beginning weeks of fantasy football, and there is still plenty of time to figure out how to best manage a team in order to keep the notifications rolling in letting participant’s know their team is obtaining points.